We have fun equipment for our children's physical exercise and enjoyment. While they enjoy, they are also working on skills such as good motor planning and balance and coordination while strengthening their muscle tones, developing their turn-taking and social skills.

Multidisciplinary & Communication Approach: We believe that to achieve our goals for your child, we need to work as a team. Not one of us is an expert in all the fields. Multidisciplinary Teamwork is our main weapon in achieving a high rate of success with our children. Realizing you as one of the main force in your child’s achievements, we consider you a member of our Multidisciplinary Team (MT).

Other members of the MT includes Child Psychologist, Special Needs Consultant, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Teachers & Physiotherapists. Every member works with each and every child. We have regular internal meetings concerning your child. In addition we have a quarterly meeting that includes you. Our Meetings come at no additional cost. Our Psychologist and Therapist faithfully attends all the meetings where we discuss your child’s progress & problems with you and together make plans and set new goals.

Center Based Framework & Security : All the Interventions are conducted in our center rather than in the homes of the children. This is because we try to mimic the mainstream school settings. This is in line with our goal that, “every child must attend he mainstream schooling system”. Every room in our center has a CCTV, monitoring the safety and treatment of your child.

Individualized & Multi-Sensory Approach : The areas that we focus on and the methods we use may vary from child to child . Our lesson plans are very individualized. We usually find out what your child’s interest is and which method of intervention gets the best result. We strongly promote regular and open communication between you and your child’s main Therapist. If there is a need to talk with the others, we will set it up. Since you don’t get many chances to watch your child in action, we record some of the intervention sessions.

We usually record when be begin working on a new skill and could do with some additional help from you to expedite your child’s progress or when your child has mastered a skill fully. We generate progress report of every child as per the goals set. You can also make request for more recordings…Conducting 3 short 10 minute sessions with your child at home will be great.

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