In this heartwarming scene, an occupational therapist engages in play-based therapy with a joyful child, using various tools and techniques to support their growth and development.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy program focuses on enhancing children's fine motor skills, sensory integration, self-care skills, and overall independence. Through purposeful activities and therapeutic exercises, we help children improve their functional abilities and achieve success in everyday tasks.
a dedicated teacher engages in speech therapy with a child, providing tailored support and promoting their communication skills and development.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists assist children with communication difficulties, language delays, articulation disorders, and speech sound disorders. We use evidence-based techniques and engaging activities to improve speech and language skills, social interaction, and overall communication abilities.
In this image, a Behavior Therapist conducts therapy with a child while they stand and play with Lego, while the child's mother observes, exemplifying the practice of Behavior Therapy.

Behaviour Therapy

Our behavioral therapists specialize in addressing challenging behaviors and developing positive coping strategies. We provide behavior assessments, individualized behavior plans, and teach adaptive skills to promote positive behavioral changes and improve overall functioning.
Through Sensory Integration Therapy, a dedicated teacher and a joyful child explore a world of play, fostering growth and development together.

Sensory Integration Therapy

By assisting individuals to better integrate and respond to sensory information, therapy for sensory integration seeks to improve people's ability to process sensory information, improving their general functioning and engagement in daily activities.
In this heartwarming image, a compassionate teacher guides a child through an art therapy session, exploring emotional expression through painting.

Art Therapy

A type of treatment that makes use of art-making as a way of expression, communication, and healing is called art therapy for kids. It enables kids to process their feelings, build their self-esteem, sharpen their coping mechanisms, and promote personal growth.
An experienced therapist engages in remedial with two young kids, a boy, and a girl, guiding them through creative healing processes


It is a technique for intervention that focuses on resolving developmental delays, learning issues, or particular challenges. Through targeted therapies and customised tactics, it seeks to improve academic achievement, communication, motor skills, cognition, and other capabilities.
In this heartwarming image, a compassionate Special Educator supports and guides a young child through their studies, fostering a nurturing and empowering learning environment.

Special Educator

a specialist in instructing and assisting kids with a range of learning requirements, such as intellectual challenges, challenges with learning, or behavioral challenges. They give children personalized instruction, modifications, and interventions to support their academic and developmental success.
a music therapy teacher and two children find harmony by collectively playing a drum in an engaging after-school program.

Music Therapy

Children's music therapy is a form of therapy that uses music to meet their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs. It includes employing musical activities to express oneself, communicate, relax, and improve one's general well-being, such as singing, playing an instrument, and listening.
A female teacher guides five enthusiastic children through a fun and interactive Social Skill Training session, fostering communication and cooperation.

Social Skill Training

A set up intervention aiming at fostering and enhancing social interactions and behavior's is social skills training for kids. To improve social skills and cultivate wholesome connections with peers and adults, it entails teaching and practicing abilities including cooperation, communication, understanding.
Engaging Group Therapy after-school program fosters social skills as three enthusiastic kids bond while playing with blocks puzzle.

Play/ Group Therapy

Children can communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences via play through play therapy, which is a powerful method. Our skilled play therapists foster a supportive environment where kids may explore and work through emotional issues, learn how to solve problems, and boost their self-esteem.
Engaging Augmented Reality after-school program captures kids' imagination as they joyfully interact and explore virtual worlds while playing with tabs.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality treatment makes use of technology to improve treatment approaches. Children are involved in interactive, immersive experiences that foster learning, skill development, and rehabilitation in areas including motor skills, cognition, and emotional control by fusing real-world and virtual components.
Explore a captivating and inclusive world of sensory delights at our Multi-Sensory Room, designed to enrich after-school programs with immersive experiences.

Multi-Sensory Room

It created spaces specifically for sensory stimulation in a regulated and relaxing setting. In addition to the opportunities and multisensory experiences we get from our everyday activities, it has a position in the world. It aids therapists in improving sensory processing to present suitable sensory stimuli in a structured manner.
boy enjoying vr gaming

Virtual Reality Games

Children's virtual reality (VR) games feature engaging digital simulations of a virtual environment. Through a combination of visual and audio elements, these games use VR technology to engage kids in interactive gameplay that promotes learning, entertainment, and maybe therapeutic advantages.
In this vibrant image, six enthusiastic kids, accompanied by one nurturing female teacher, are wholeheartedly engaged in a yoga session, gracefully flowing through various poses, emanating positivity and serenity, embracing the essence of yoga.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga principles and techniques are combined with therapeutic methods in children's yoga therapy to assist their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It includes age-appropriate yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation methods to enhance flexibility, strength, mindfulness, self-control, and total holistic growth.
Parent Training teacher conducting an interactive session, empowering parents with essential skills and strategies.

Parent Training

A programme that teaches parents how to promote their children's growth and deal with behavioural, emotional, or social issues is known as parent training for kids. To encourage good parent-child connections and improve child outcomes, it places a strong emphasis on parenting strategies that work, as well as on communication, discipline.
Intervention Program teacher attentively observes a young child during playtime, fostering targeted support and growth.

Early Intervention Program

Little ones with developmental delays or impairments might get specialized services and support through an early intervention program for kids. It seeks to spot problems early on and provide interventions like therapy, education, and family support to improve developmental outcomes and encourage the best possible growth and learning.
Three child coloring

Customised Session

We have fun equipment for our children’s physical exercise and enjoyment. While they enjoy, they are also working on skills such as good motor planning and balance and coordination while strengthening their muscle tones, developing their turn-taking and social skills.
Ayurvedic Homeopathic Doctor Program: Nurturing holistic healing through the fusion of Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

Ayurvedic/ Homeopathic Doctor

Ayurvedic or homoeopathic medicine based on the principles of homoeopathy or ayurveda is used by child doctors. Children's health and wellbeing are promoted using natural treatments, customized care, and holistic strategies that take into account each child's individual constitution, symptoms, and general state of body and mind balance.
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