After School Programs

After school program: Dedicated homework-help teacher providing valuable assistance to a child with their assignments.

Intensive Homework help/ Academic enrichment

Our dedicated staff is available to provide homework assistance and tutoring to help children with their academic assignments. We offer a structured environment where children can concentrate, ask questions, and receive guidance to reinforce their understanding of various subjects.
In this after school program activity, a young student enthusiastically engages in beginner level coding on a laptop while the attentive teacher observes and guides the learning process.

Coding - Beginner Level

Learn coding and problem solving For age 6 to 18. Duration 3 Months – 3 classes/week
1. C Programming
2. C++ Programming
3. Java Programming
4. JavaScript Programming
5. Python Programming
Enthusiastic kids engaged in advanced-level coding during an after-school program, diligently exploring the world of technology on their laptops.

Coding - Advanced Level

Learn coding and problem solving For age 6 to 18. Duration 3 Months – 3 classes/week
1. C Programming
2. C++ Programming
3. Java Programming
4. JavaScript Programming
5. Python Programming
Enthusiastic kids engaged in beginner-level robotics coding during an after-school program, diligently exploring the world of technology

Robotics - Junior Level

Age –Age- 6 to 9 years. Duration – 9 Months (9 to 10 Months)
1. Level 1 – Simple and Compound Machines
2. Level 2 – Machines around Us
3. Level 3 – Different Motion
4. Level 4 – Advanced Models
5. Level 5 – Competition Challenge
6. Duration for all levels – 15hours (15 classes)
Enthusiastic kids engaged in advanced-level robotics coding during an after-school program, diligently exploring the world of technology

Robotics - Senior Level

Age –Age- 10 to 15 years. Duration – 8 Months
1. Level 1 – Introduction to Robots
2. Level 2 – Control with Sensors
3. Level 3 – Gear Mechanisms
4.Level 4 – Real World Mechanics
5. Level 5 – Competition Challenge
6. Duration for all levels –18hours (12 classes)
Seven vibrant students proudly display seven different 'hello' signs, showcasing their journey from beginner to advanced levels in Foreign Languages at the after-school program.

Foreign Languages- Beginner to Advance levels

Children's foreign language lessons offer a smooth transition from beginner to higher levels. Children develop their language skills through learning fundamental vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. They gain fluency and competency via engaging activities and cultural exposure, providing opportunities to international conversation.
Enthusiastic after-school program teacher engaging kids in interactive computer classes, fostering tech skills with creativity and fun.

Computer Classes- Beginner to Advance levels

Children can graduate from beginning to advanced levels of learning in computer classes. Children learn the fundamentals of computing and digital literacy before progressively moving on to programming, web design, and other tech fields. These lessons equip kids with crucial digital skills and get them ready for the future.
In this vibrant after school program, an enthusiastic English grammar teacher engages three eager students in a captivating lesson, exploring the intricacies of English grammar through interactive activities and discussions.

English Grammar- Basic to expert

Children's English grammar programmes provide a thorough progression from beginner to expert levels. Grammar rules, sentence structure, and punctuation are taught to children, and they progressively move on to more complicated ideas like tenses and clauses. Children who participate in these programmes gain great linguistic competency.
Discover the joy of learning with our Phonics and Reading after-school program, where students progress from Beginner to Advance levels, as seen by a hand confidently holding alphabet blocks.

Phonics and Reading- Beginner to Advance levels

Children's phonics and reading programme's give a step-by-step progression from basic to advanced levels. Children eventually progress to fluency and comprehension by learning letter sounds, decoding techniques, and sight word identification. These initiatives encourage a lifetime love of literature and a solid foundation in reading.
In an after-school program, a young girl and boy stand side by side, engrossed in a dramatic performance. The boy holds a sword in his hand, while they both showcase their creativity and imagination through their engaging portrayal.

Speech and Drama

Children take speech and acting classes to improve their performance and communication skills. Children study acting, public speaking, vocal projection, and body language. Through theatrical exercises and stage performances, these workshops encourage creativity, enhance articulation, and boost confidence.
In this after-school program, a young creative mind is engrossed in crafting imaginative tales through creative writing.

Creative Writing

Children who take creative writing workshops develop their literary and imaginative abilities. Children acquire the skills necessary to convey their thoughts, create characters, and write gripping stories. Through writing exercises, workshops, and constructive criticism, they develop their storytelling skills and a love for writing.
In this captivating after school program, six enthusiastic kids sit attentively around their teacher, engrossed in a magical storytelling journey.

Story Telling/ Mythology/ Shlokas

Children's Shlokas, mythology, and storytelling programmes encourage a love of literature and cultural heritage. Children encounter hooking tales, antiquated myths, and classic poetry as they learn language, cultural knowledge, and moral principles. Children who participate in these programmes develop their creativity, sense of storytelling, and knowledge.
In this vibrant after school program, one student confidently engages in public speaking while others enthusiastically applaud, while their supportive teacher joins in the applause.

Public Speaking

Children's public speaking classes emphasize the improvement of their presentation and communication abilities. Children pick up skills including body language, stage anxiety, and effective voice delivery. These program help kids become more self-assured, improve their speech, and get them ready for effective communication in a variety of contexts.
In the Maths after school program, a focused student confidently tackles math problems on the board.


Math program's offer an organized learning setting where they can hone their arithmetic abilities. Kids pick up ideas like math, operations, geometry, and problem-solving. Building a solid basis for mathematics understanding and application, these sessions improve students numerical skills.
Enthusiastic participants at the after school program engage in strategic gameplay, honing their skills and critical thinking through lively games of chess.


Children are introduced to chess and its strategic components in classes. Children pick up strategies, rules, and the ability to think critically and solve problems. These sessions encourage a love of the game and mental stimulation while improving concentration, logical reasoning, and decision-making skills.
In this image, four female students and two male students are seen sitting and engaged in a calming yoga session during the after-school program.

Yoga and Meditation

Children's yoga and meditation classes encourage both physical and emotional wellness. Yoga poses, breathing exercises, and mindfulness exercises are taught to children. These programmes foster a healthy mind-body connection and develop lasting self-care practises while increasing flexibility, attention, and emotional balance.
In an engaging after-school program, a curious child stands, looking up and holding a tablet in hand, contemplating the possibilities of AI, reflecting a blend of technological curiosity and imaginative thinking.

Artificial Intelligence

Children's artificial intelligence (AI) classes introduce the concepts behind the technology and its uses. Children study data analysis, machine learning, and how to programme AI systems. These courses help kids develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and technology literacy as they get ready for an innovation-driven future powered by AI.
Nine joyful little kids embrace the rhythm of dance in our vibrant after-school program, experiencing the joy of movement and creative expression.

Dance classes

Children can express themselves creatively and grow physically via dance classes. Children pick up different dance choreographies, methods, and styles. These lessons promote artistic expression, teamwork, and a love of dance while improving coordination, rhythm, and confidence.
In the Inclusive Day Care program, one enthusiastic teacher and three children joyfully engage in a creative craft activity during their engaging after-school session.

Inclusive Day Care

Children of all abilities and backgrounds can be accommodated and supported in inclusive day care's supportive environment. In order to create social integration, respect, and equal involvement for all children, it encourages inclusive practice's, individualized care, and inclusive play experiences.
girls are doing paper crafting and enjoying while doing in after school program

Art & Craft- Beginner to Advance levels

Children's art and craft programmes offer a progression of learning opportunities from beginning to advanced levels. Children develop their creativity and artistic expression through experimenting with a variety of mediums, techniques, and styles. They hone their drawing, painting, sculpture, and other artistic skills as well as their imagination and a lifetime love of the arts.
In this captivating image captured during the after-school program, a confident student stands tall, exuding eloquence and poise as they engage in an inspiring Elocution activity.


Children's elocution classes emphasize improving their speaking and pronunciation abilities. Children pick up right expression, diction, and tone. Children who take these program's speak more clearly and confidently, which helps them communicate successfully and express themselves beautifully.
girls is doing study of app development

APP Development

Age – 9 to 12 years. Duration – 6 Months (2 classes / day)
Child will learn, 1. Introduction App Design
2. Variables & Operators
3. Conditionals
4. Functions
5. List, Loop, Projects
6. Methods Concatenation Parsing
7. Parameters Return Libraries
8. Timed Loop, Functions, Event Trigger
9. String Methods, Math Functions
10. API, Web Request
11. Challenges
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