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"We provide specialized child therapy programs for children at the center, focusing on their emotional and psychological well-being."

"We provide enriching after-school programs specifically designed for children at our center."

After School Programs
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“Children require independence and playtime. Play is not an indulgence. Play is essential..”
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graphic Designing
Website Designing
App Development
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Learning Through Play
Devoted to the Early Education
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Art Therapy & Music Therapy
Small Change can be
changing life
Exploring emotions, healing through creativity.
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Welcome to The Wise Mind Educare - Child Development and Learning Centre Kharadi

A teacher passionately teaches art and craft to children, fostering their creative expression and holistic development in an after-school setting

An integrated therapy and After School Program for children upto age 18.

A wide range of services catering to children can be found conveniently in one place, ensuring everything is under one roof at Wise Mind Educare.

Our child therapy facility nurtures developing minds and provides kind support and direction to children so they can thrive through specialized therapeutic methods.

Our after-school program center enriches young lives beyond the school day by offering a secure and exciting setting where kids may discover, learn, and develop via a range of educational and recreational activities.

Join us on this exciting educational journey and let us help your child development the skills, knowledge, and mindset for a successful future.

At the Child Therapy and Learning Center, we understand the unique needs of children and provide comprehensive therapy, learning, and activities programs to support their growth and development. Our center is a safe and nurturing environment where children can thrive and reach their full potential.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy program focuses on enhancing children's fine motor skills, sensory integration...

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Virtual Reality Games

Virtual reality games provide immersive experiences through digital simulations, blurring the lines between the physical and virtual worlds.

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Behaviour Therapy

Behavior therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on modifying specific behaviors through evidence-based techniques.

yoga icon

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy combines physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to promote holistic well-being and address physical and mental health concerns.

speech icon

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps individuals improve their communication skills and overcome speech and language disorders.

Parent Training Icon

Parent Training

Parent training involves teaching parents effective strategies and techniques to enhance their parenting skills for behavioral challenges in their children.

Art Therapy Icon

Art Therapy

Art therapy utilizes creative processes to promote self-expression, emotional healing, and personal growth.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Music therapy uses the power of music to support and improve physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being.

At our Children’s After School Program, we provide a safe and enriching environment for children to engage in various activities, explore new interests, and continue their learning beyond the school hours. Our program is designed to foster personal growth, promote social development, and cultivate a love for learning in a fun and supportive setting.

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Intensive Homework help/ Academic enrichment

Offering academic support to reinforce learning and promote academic success.

speech and drama icon

Speech and Drama

develop communication skills, self-expression, and confidence through activities like acting, public speaking, and storytelling.

Coding Icon

Coding- Beginner to Advance levels

programming concepts in a fun and interactive way, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking.

Creative Writing Icon

Creative Writing

foster imagination, self-expression, and literacy skills through engaging exercises and techniques in storytelling and writing.

Robotics icon

Robotics- Beginner to Advance levels

it involves hands-on learning and exploration of building and programming robots, fostering STEM skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

Public Speacking Icon

Public Speaking

improve communication skills, confidence, and stage presence through interactive exercises and practice in delivering speeches and presentations.

Computer Icon

Computer Classes- Beginner to Advance levels

Computer classes provide foundational knowledge and skills in computer literacy, technology usage, and digital proficiency.

English Grammar Icon

English Grammar- Basic to expert

cultivate language proficiency, vocabulary, and communication skills through interactive activities and immersive language instruction.

What our Parents and Childs Says

I am Very Happy

Parent Name Child Name
A little girl enthusiastically engages in an after-school craft activity, skillfully creating with colorful paper, immersed in a program that nurtures her creativity and imagination.

I am Very Happy

Parent Name Child Name
A little girl enthusiastically engages in an after-school craft activity, skillfully creating with colorful paper, immersed in a program that nurtures her creativity and imagination.
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